Belleville East Senior | Julia Donato

Meet Julia. She is an amazing Senior from Belleville East and an absolute joy to have on our DCCP Senior Top Model Team. Whats her favorite movie? “The Harry Potter series. I couldn’t pick just one of them, but if I had to, it would be the Goblet of Fire. The stories that J. K. Rowling tells are such classics and draw you into a spectacular world.”

“One of my favorite style icons is Harry styles. I love the way he pushes the boundary of men’s fashion and explores the realm of gender bending clothes.”

“My favorite high school memory was going to Disney with my Choir Family. We were able to perform at Disney Springs and it was such a blast!”

“My favorite quote/piece of advice was given to me by my Creative Writing teacher. She told us, “Above all else, love.” Nowadays, I think we all get so caught up in being on one side or the other and we forget to love each other for just being people.”

“In 5 years, I see myself just graduating college. I plan to attend SIU-E this fall and am so excited to see where the curriculum takes me! I would like to audition for cruise lines as a performer to do what I love while traveling the world!”

“My favorite part of my Senior portrait experience was getting outside of my comfort zone. I am very used to the classic shots, but when Dawn told me to get out in the lake or to run out into the middle of the street with her, she created magic!”

“I came into DCCP expecting a general senior photoshoot where we go around St. Louis and take a couple simple shots to put in the yearbook, but this was not what I was presented with. Instead, I was introduced to Dawn who I soon realized had more in mind than just senior photo shots; she had a vision and she had a drive to bring it to life.

Not only did we go to St. Louis for city shots, but we went to places that really embody my personality. We visited the Fox Theater to pull out my performance side, a small town farm to photograph me with my guitar and a gorgeous sunset, and I climbed into an old church window to look like a real princess!

Everything about this experience was magical. Dawn really cares about the work she does and has made my experience with DCCP great!”

“As a mom of two girls, I chose DCCP because I loved the way the photography always seemed to come to life. Each photo has a story to tell. I really appreciate Dawn’s creativity and imagination when planning an out of the ordinary shoot. Whether it was in the city or the country, she was able to capture unique aspects of each of my girls personality, in such a creative and colorful way. Dawn has such a great eye for detail and can get the most amazing shots in otherwise ordinary surroundings. Dawn and Joe always make sure to capture each and every small detail. They make a great team, and they are just wonderful, caring people who offer a unique experience for each individual client. I’m not sure if my favorite part was seeing my girls eyes light up with excitement when they saw their pictures, or watching my husband in awe looking at each and every beautiful shot of his daughters. They say that today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. Thank you DCCP for capturing these precious gifts that we will cherish forever.” 
-Claire and Jeff Donato (Julia & Alyssa’s Parents)

May 21, 2019


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