DCCP Senior Top Model | Bree Burch

Bree is a Senior at Central High School. Bree was selected as a member of our DCCP Top Model Team last season and we have had a blast working with her. She is gorgeous, smart, and looking forward to a future career in criminal justice. She lives in a small town, but somehow perfectly balances her hometown roots with big city fashion. Bree insists that everyone see The Fault in our Stars, it is her very favorite movie.

Meeting new friends and having long lasting friendships with people I never knew is my favorite high school memory. Our whole high school gets together to help out with problems we have to face and go through. It makes you feel like you always have someone there no matter what.

My favorite part of my experience with DCCP was going downtown and taking on adventures in St.Louis. I never thought I would take that on, and also being able to get close to Dawn!

“It makes a big difference in your life when you stay positive.”

Ellen Degeneres

I had a very memorable time being on the DCCP team. I met new people from around different areas and made friendships from all over! Having the chance to feel like a model is the best feeling in the world. You feel like perfection and having the feeling that you can be anything is unbeatable!

Having our all day group photo shoot not only made me gain patience but made me realize how much fun I can have with a group of girls I knew nothing about in less than a couple of hours! Taking on this experience really helps you see that you can be anything you want to be if you try to be it. Girls, I would definitely go to Dawn for an adventurous and memorable time with photography!

I had a very fun and exciting experience with DCCP, watching my daughter grow into the gorgeous young women she is has made me the proudest mom alive. My daughter loves having pictures taken of her, so seeing her doing something she loves has only made me the happiest! -Bree’s Mom

Giving her the chance to do something that she won’t get to do for a long time has left a life long memory on me. Realizing that the little things my kids enjoy is the chances you give them to be their all. I will never take back the experience we had with DCCP to show off the beauty in my daughter. Thank you so much Dawn and Joe for everything! -Bree’s Mom

Before you go, check out the adorable shots we captured during Bree’s Barbie shoot! These images have been on the DCCP bucket list forever. Wrapped in plastic, she’s fantastic!

January 18, 2018


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