Senior Declan Dobbs | Belleville East

Black and white senior picture of boy sitting on ledge in front of The Orpheum Theater in St. Louis.

I currently attend Belleville East and will graduate in the Spring of 2020. There are many opportunities available to me for college and am working on narrowing down my choice of school or a branch of the military.

Boy in bulls jacket sitting in green chairs in the park in St. Louis.

Sports, music and physical fitness are passions of mine. I mostly play basketball and baseball for non school sponsored teams but enjoy playing all types of sports. I work out daily to stay in peak physical form for myself and the benefit of my teams. Music is in my everyday life from the moment I wake up until I fall asleep. Growing up, music was playing in my house all the time. I use my experiences in my life as lyrics in the songs I write.

Boy in black sunglasses and royal blue suit fixing his cuff links in an alley.
Boy in black sunglasses and royal blue suit walking in a St. Louis alley.

I am a proud Boricua, my heritage is very important to me. We have a strong sense of family and take great pride in what our family is doing in Puerto Rico for changes on the island. Like my family, I have a very strong beliefs in right and wrong and a strong work ethic.

Boy laying in front on window in blue suit about to take his black sunglasses off.

My consultation with Dawn started a little rough; I mean come on. I’m a guy who hates having his picture taken, much less what I thought were going to be fluff pictures.

She was very patient while trying to get me to talk about myself so she could take the best pictures of me. But the day of the photo shoot I was ready for her and looking good. We went to a few industrial places downtown and ended our shoot in Soulard. Dawn let me be me; she didn’t ask for a lot of smiles, which is good cause I have this dark and mysterious thing working for me, and she made me feel at ease in front of the camera.

Boy in flower print dress shirt squatting in a highway overpass.

DCCP made a music video with all my pictures in it and that was cool to see myself in Times Square. Dawn shows true passion for what she does and working with her made getting my pictures taken a cool experience.

Boy squatting in front of yellow flowers wearing red sneakers.

September 11, 2019


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