Senior from Belleville East | Kyra McLendon

“I am a creative, hard working, and diligent high school senior. High school has been a challenge for the past two years I have recently moved to the area. I recognize that there are challenges in every situation and I look forward to new ones beyond high school. I plan to use the challenges as inspiration and to one day provide some insight for others in the way of becoming motivational speaker. College is the next logical step in pursing my journey and I hope to equip myself with the knowledge and skills to possibly inspire others.” -Kyra

Senior girl in white hoodie posed in front of brick wall with wildflowers.

“I was initially overwhelmed at the first in a meeting. The thought I had in my mind was that it was going to be a simple photography session. At first all I wanted to do was get it over with. There was anxiety leading up to the day, but DCCP advised me on what exactly was expected and what the experience would be. It went beyond my assumptions and expectations!” -Kyra

“The day of the photo shoot, I was nervous but they put me right at ease. I had done some previous modeling so I was somewhat familiar but they really talked me through every pose. They found ways to reignite my energy to do the best that I could. DCCP knew exactly what backdrop would compliment me, my personality, and my outfits.” -Kyra

Senior girl in red lace dress smirks at the camera with her hand behind her head.

“Seeing my senior pictures after the shoot was amazing! I saw myself in a new way that I did not see myself initially. They did a wonderful job of creating magic.” -Kyra

Senior girl stares into the camera while leaning against a tree in downtown St. Louis wearing a red dress.

“As parents we were extremely impressed by the professionalism from the first meeting. It then extended to the senior photo shoot and beyond. DCCP is extremely knowledgeable and talented. The work that goes into capturing those specific moments take a lot of preparation and work behind the scenes. The intricate detail placed on hair, makeup, clothing, accessories, lighting, and locations is amazing. DCCP makes it look easy, but I am sure that what they do is not short miraculous.” -Kyra’s Parents

Senior girl lying on gray couch in the Magnolia Hotel in downtown St. louis.

“The day of the reveal of her senior pictures brought me to tears. Their presentation was flawless and any expectation that we had was exceeded beyond. We were able to see our daughter, who is reserved sometimes and a natural introvert, come alive in each picture. The best part was looking at her face and recognizing the beauty she had inside and outside that she often times has failed to realize due to her humble nature. We believe she allowed herself to love herself a little more that day and hopefully will take that with her on her journey into life.” -Kyra’s Parents

September 21, 2019


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