Senior Khole Germann | Belleville West

“My name is Khole, a high school Senior from Millstadt, IL. I would describe myself as an average teenager. Most of my time is spent hanging out with my friends and family. My hobbies are playing tennis, guitar, and driving around town. I am in the process of choosing a college to spend the next 4 years of my life at. Next, I plan to major in engineering. After college graduation, I am also interested in joining the Airforce.”

“DCCP is unlike any photography company.”

“The way they introduced the experience to me allowed me to feel comfortable and completely in my element.”

“They make you feel at ease and confident. Before the session, I was not looking forward to it but I knew it was something that I had to do because all seniors do it. My mom was basically making me. After meeting with them and participating in the photo session, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed it all. I could tell that they were confident in the poses they suggested and that made me feel confident throughout the session.”

“When we got the message that my pictures were ready to view, I found myself excited. I wanted to see how they turned out. In short, they were amazing! I was shocked, impressed, and thankful that we chose them for my senior pictures. They truly know what they are doing. You can tell by the quality of their work that they really care about not only the quality of the pictures but also about the you.

“We were given a list of 15 senior photography companies to choose from and DCCP was one of them. After viewing DCCP’s photos on Facebook, I knew I had to call them. Joe was extremely friendly on the phone. He explained everything upfront and thoroughly. They spend the extra time getting to know them and their style, and they encourage them to go outside of their comfort zone and feel great doing it.” -Kat (Khole’s Mom)

“I chose them because they take the time to make their seniors feel comfortable and confident before and during the session.”

Since Khole met Dawn and Joe previously during the wardrobe consultation, he was familiar with them and already comfortable. This helped when they would ask him to do random poses that didn’t make a lot sense… like jump in the air with scissor legs. Which ended up being Khole’s favorite pose. The session was done before we knew it and I found myself not wanting it to end. Afterwards, we could not wait to see the finished product. -Kat (Khole’s Mom)

“I am beyond thankful for the way the pictures turned out and would recommend DCCP to anyone with a senior son.”

“When we viewed the pictures, we were blown away. They were beyond our expectations. The colors in some are so vibrant they are like works of art. Joe and Dawn make a great team. They are professional and a delight to work with. They listen, but also provide advice where needed to ensure the best outcome. Without their guidance, the pictures would not have been “next level”. -Kat (Khole’s Mom)

October 22, 2020


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