Senior Tabby Prokopf | Belleville East

Question01 Name? Tabby Prokopf
Question02High School?
Belleville East High School
Question03What is the name of a movie everyone should see and why?
Alice in Wonderland, because it show that you should follow your dreams even when someone else doubts you.
Question04Who is your favorite style icon, celebrity or fashionista?
My favorite celebrity is dancer Jade Chynoweth.
Question05Tell us about one of your favorite high school memories.
One of my favorite high school memories is playing Uno with my friends at lunch.
Question06What is your favorite quote or piece of advice someone has given you?
Life is not about doing the best, but is about trying your best.
Question07Plans for your future life, college plans etc.?
I am hoping to go to college to get my nursing degree and work in a children’s hospital.
Question08Tell us about your experience with having your Senior pictures taken with DCCP?
The experience with DCCP was amazing. They make the whole day about you. You go get you hair and makeup done. You get to shoot on location, so it’s not just standing in front of a back drop. They will also not stop till they get the perfect picture. If getting the perfect picture means standing in a flower pot, they will have you stand in that flower pot. I would recommend DCCP to anyone looking to have their photos taken.
Question09What was your very favorite part of having your pictures taken at DCCP?
My favorite part about having my pictures taking with DCCP was having my hair and makeup done.
Question10Now we would like to hear from a parent, tell us in your own words about your experience with DCCP?
I am very pleased with all of the photos they took. (Which made it very difficult to decide what pictures I wanted!) Dawn and Joe truly made that day all about Tabby.

September 11, 2018


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