Senior DCCP Top Model Ashley

Meet Senior DCCP Top Model Ashley from O’Fallon Township High School. She is a beautiful girl with a caring heart and big dreams, and we are so thankful to have her as a Mini on our team this year. She was open to being really creative and her shoot turned out amazing.

Our concept for her mini shoot came about after Joe brought me flowers. (Thanks Joe!) I was inspired by the interesting color and texture of these blooms, and Ashley was down for letting us use our creativity to create something epic.

Although I first thought it was a crime to edit any of these images in black and white, Ashley’s delicate face and doe eyes made for some timeless senior portraits that turned out to be some of my personal favorites from her session.

We decided on a “bee stung” lip and a runway eye look with beautiful pops of color that mirrored the flowers in her hair. We even decided that she needed “watered” in the middle of the shoot!

The finished look was that of a beautiful and powerful queen of the garden, and we were smitten with the results. Ashley looked strong and feminine, yet had the soft look of a blooming flower.

Ashley’s Mom’s favorite image from the shoot is an overhead shot of Ashley showcasing her eyes and her sweet innocence. As fierce as Ashley looked in most all of her pictures, we couldn’t help but include a “Mom shot.” 😉

We are so thankful to have Ashley as your go-to girl for questions about DCCP Senior pictures for O’Fallon Township High School. We are now booking the class of 2018 and would love to work with you. Please show Ashley some love for her incredible work on this shoot, she deserves it!

XOXO -d.

July 27, 2017


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