Hey Mama, do you love your baby more than your teenager?



Let’s face it. We all think our babies are the cutest, the best, the smartest, the prettiest, and a total rockstar. Right? So what is the problem with that? During motherhood, our cute little babies turn into teens, siblings come along, peer pressure begins, and suddenly your adorable baby forgets about that beautiful light that Mama used to see in them. They are swamped with homework, worrying about college, and feeling not as good as the kid next to them that’s killing their algebra test. Oh, and did I mention their crush just broke their heart and Mama didn’t even notice because she is swamped with work?

Now, before you prepare your speech for your Failure as a Mother Award, there is a point to this blog. (Put the wine down) There is a simple cure for this, and you are capable of doing it. I’m looking at you Busy Mama. Ready? Make your teen feel special. Take just one day and remind them of all of the feelings that you have for them. Let them know they are the cutest, the best, the smartest, the prettiest, and a total rockstar. It is what they want and need. Just one day. When was the last time you made them feel as good as you did when they were little?

Taking Senior pictures with us is the first time most of our teen clients have ever felt beautiful. They tell us that they felt like a model, and as gorgeous as the girls they see in magazines. They crave the opportunity of escaping from the reality of high school and have all eyes on them, and only them. Girls love to laugh with Mom, twirl around in a beautiful gown, and be the carefree girl that they used to be able to be. Life gets in the way, and there isn’t anything you have done wrong as the Mother of that gorgeous baby of yours. Sometimes, they just need reminded of how special they are to you. They need to know that no matter what happens in this crazy world, they are your perfect baby, and they are loved.

We would be honored to capture the last fleeting images of your beautiful baby in their Senior Portraits. They deserve it, and you do too. You have cared for and loved that baby bird all the way to the edge of the nest. You have prepared her for the flight that she is about to embark on. That should be documented and celebrated.  There has never been another before her, and there will never be another again. Let us take one day to help you make her feel special. Of course you don’t love your baby more than your teenager, for she is your baby.





February 28, 2017


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