Senior Liz Keller | St. Louis Home School

“Dawn and Joe were easy to work with. They made the whole Senior experience effortless for me, and made my daughter beautiful.” -Liz’s Mom

The first time I met Liz she was backstage at a dance competition. She was feverishly helping all of the little ones get ready along with herself, and she made it seem effortless. She was an amazing performer on and off stage, and I at first assumed she was a teacher. Later I realized Liz is a sweet Senior, who takes dance very seriously and loves to help others. This coming season she actually will be teaching with BEDA. I must have serious intuition, eh?

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Liz’s favorite movie is Hancock starring Will Smith. She went on to tell us that she loves the film because he saves lives and does so many amazing things, but people can only see the bad and that is incredibly relatable. Some of her other favorites are Demi Lovato, and since she loves makeup, Jeffree Star was next on the her list.

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Her favorite high school memory so far was going to Senior Prom with her best friend. The theme was black and white and her best friend Logan went with her in a steampunk theme. The self proclaimed “weirdos” enjoyed all of the attention they got from everyone staring at their unique prom attire.

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After graduation, Liz plans on attending college for business. She dreams of opening her own business one day, and we think she could join the ranks of us boss babes any day! Liz shared with us that the best piece of advice someone has given her was “Don’t be closed minded, some of the best people are different than you.”

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“I had a lot of fun with Dawn. We laughed a lot! She made me feel special and beautiful. Her team really helped me when I felt nervous. Everyone was amazing!”

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We ended the day at where else? Starbuck’s of course! It was a wonderful wrap to a great shoot! We are so excited to see what the future has in store for Liz’s dance and business career, and we are so thankful to have documented it.

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September 12, 2017


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