Senior David “J.R.” Sova | O’Fallon High School

My name is J.R, a high school senior from O’Fallon, Illinois. I really enjoyed high school other than when COVID-19 set us all on remote learning. I am an average teenager, spending most of my time hanging out with family and friends. I enjoy doing anything outdoors and playing video
games. After high school, I plan to attend SWIC, although I’m still not sure what degree I want to pursue.

When my parents informed me that I had to have senior pictures taken, I was uncomfortable and more than a little reluctant. It was important to my mom, so I agreed. It was a bit of an interview process meeting with Dawn and Joe at DCCP. In the end though, I think it made for better pictures because we could get a feel for each others’ personalities.

I remember the actual day of the session being pretty chilly but sunny. It took a few shots and what I thought were ridiculous poses to start getting into the feel of how things were going to go, and by the first half hour, we were all laughing and quoting T.V. shows and movies. When I first saw the final pictures, I was impressed by what seemed like a silly thing to be doing
actually turned into a pretty good photo.

senior boy in corduroy jacket leans on post in St. Louis, Mo.

“Oh, where do I begin?! DCCP was wonderful every step of the way. First time senior mom, found we were on a timeline for a special yearbook entry. After seeing fantastic reviews on Facebook and Google, I sent an email to DCCP, Dawn responded almost immediately (and on a Saturday!) They
got us in at lightning speed and booked our session for a week after that. She then helped with ideas, suggestions, Pinterest boards, and advice every step of the way. Her and Joe were amazing with our quiet and reserved senior, and by day’s end, we were all laughing and acting as though
we had known each other forever. The photos were better than I could have imagined and I actually teared up when I saw the images on the big screen in the studio. I think I made Dawn and Joe play it three times before we could move on and order!” -Janice (J.R.’s Mom)

senior boy standing in front of the sculpture at the St. Louis Zoo

April 16, 2021


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