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Meet Hannah, high school Senior from O’Fallon High School. When I first met her, she wanted nothing to do with Senior pictures. She told me that she didn’t like photos of herself, and didn’t see the point in doing a photo shoot. Luckily, she had one amazing Mama that brought her anyway. We think you will agree that her shoot turned out to be beautiful, and we are so happy with the results!


Tell us about your favorite high school memory so far?

I use to manage the high school football team, which was where I met most of my friends. All the players took me in as their “sister” and they were all my “brothers”. One day, the boys  walked into the school but the door was locked. (I was already inside so I went to let them in). I decided I was going to kick the door open instead of opening it like a normal person. As I kicked it open a boy walked up to the door (he didn’t know I was there to open the door) so when I kicked the door it smacked him right in the face and gave him a concussion. It was a really funny thing to witness but I felt so bad!


One of my best friends since sixth grade told me, “you are your first priority and you should always take care of yourself before taking care of others. It’s not healthy to put yourself on the back burner all the time.” Ellena knows that I struggle with self-esteem issues, so she reminds me to put myself first.  


In five years I will hopefully be finished with college, and settling into an apartment with my current boyfriend (who would be my fiancé by then) with our dog. Also, I hope to be more confident, and positive about myself and new experiences.  


If I am being honest, I did not want to take pictures at all, there was no part of me looking forward to the experience. I am a very self-judging person, and I don’t like my picture being taken or pictures of myself. So, the thought of me “modeling” just seemed like a horrible experience. However, my aunt had different ideas, she made me do the whole senior picture thing, and I am glad she did.  


First of all, I got my makeup done, which is a treat cause know nothing about makeup so having someone else do it (especially as well as Megan did) was an exciting time. I am not one who usually says getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing, but this was definitely out of comfort zone. I actually had a really good time!

My favorite part of my Senior pictures with DCCP was getting to explore parts of the city I have never seen before, and while modeling and watching the curiosity on people’s faces.  


Another senior at church showed me her senior pictures taken by DCCP, they were so superior to any senior pictures I’ve ever seen. Certainly better than mine in the 80’s. Her pictures were not the typical “senior” poses. So I booked a time for my daughter to go. She was reluctant, and did not want senior pictures at all. One of my other daughters helped pick out clothes, I grabbed all my big bright shiny jewelry. Hannah got to DCCP studios at 8am, unenthusiastically. Megan quietly started on her makeup then hair. My daughter is beautiful and Megan really brought it out. She went from sweat pants and t-shirt to a model!
We decided to go to St. Louis rather than staying local for the day. I was a little unsure how the shoot was going to go. I’ve done a few senior pictures for friends and such, I’ve never thought of a senior picture shoot at the top of a parking garage or for that matter an elevator or a grocery store. By the second outfit Hannah was really getting into it. Dawn had to give her less and less instructions. The day was pretty fabulous!
A week later we were back for a the finished products. WOW. We were both blown away, and speechless. The DVD, the pictures, the shoot, the hair and makeup; the whole process was so far beyond expectation. DCCP outshines and exceedingly surpasses any senior photos I’ve experienced.


DCCP outshines and exceedingly surpasses any senior photos I’ve experienced!

November 14, 2017


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