Senior Stephanie Jacobs | Freeburg High School

Meet Stephanie, high school Senior from Freeburg High School. We had so much fun with Stephanie and her Mom Krys Jacobs on her shoot, and had so many laughs! They brought along some amazing outfits, also including the most glam stoles I have ever seen. A big thanks to her fashionista Grandma!


I think everyone should see Bridesmaids. It is a funny movie and always gives a good laugh. It has Melissa McCarthy in it, and every movie with her is amazing!


My favorite celebrity would have to be Carrie Underwood. Not only is she gorgeous, but she has an amazing talent. She came up from not much and made her way to the top. She is a great example that shows how hard work and determination can get you wherever you want to be.


My favorite high school memory would have to be football games during senior year. You are surrounded by all of the kids you have grown up with and in those 4 quarters. Nothing else matters besides cheering on the team. I love how everyone has a great bond and then after the games normally we go celebrate whether we win or lose and just try to have fun before we all go our separate ways.


My favorite piece of advice would have to be from my track coach. It is basic but it has helped me so much. He always makes me create a long term goal at the beginning of the season and normally it is to go to state. There’s some days where school lasted so long and I felt like the world was going to end. He would always say that those are the days that mean the most and they are going to help you reach your goal. He always comes up with the best things to say to make sure that no matter what you do, you give it everything you got and never give up.



In five years, I hopefully see myself graduated from college and going to medical school. Hopefully making it into my top choice school and studying pediatric oncology either to be a nurse or doctor.


My favorite part of my Senior portrait experience with DCCP was actually getting to feel like a model. Being able to have my hair and makeup professionally done and having these glam outfits and being able to feel like it was all about me.




 I wasn’t really sure what to expect, having gone through a much more basic session with another photographer for my son last year.  I was a little shocked and confused on Dawn’s “disapproval” of Stephanie’s outfit choices on the first meeting.  So, when Steph and I re-worked outfits (and I raided my mother’s closet for the fur stole and feather vest)), we started to have fun with it all.  We took much more than we needed to the shoot, and Dawn helped put together the outfits.

         Stephanie completely enjoyed getting made over for the shoot.  I thought the makeup was heavy, but Dawn explained that it gets washed out in the photos.  There were a few other things that I didn’t understand, like the locations of some of the photos (dead bean field!), but Dawn is very creative and was able to see things that we never imagined she would capture in photos!  The end result was beautiful, in fact it made our photo decisions VERY difficult! -Stephanie’s Mom Krys


Whenever I first met with Dawn, I brought outfits that weren’t all that great. I went shopping to make sure I had outfits that weren’t boring and would be runway type. Dawn was great in communicating and helping me find the perfect things. I went out of my comfort zone, and overall Dawn helped me to gain so much more confidence within myself and my style.


My favorite part of my Senior portrait experience with DCCP was actually getting to feel like a model.

On the day of my shoot, I was just going with the flow with hair and makeup. I was so happy! Dawn and Joe were so knowledgeable in what they were doing that it made me feel like I was a celebrity of my own. Dawn took some amazing pictures and I absolutely loved how they turned out when I went to the preview. I am so happy I chose to go with DCCP. They truly are the best and amazing at what they do!

November 7, 2017


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