Senior Kiley Reeder | Waterloo High School

My name is Kiley Reeder and I just graduated from my senior year at Waterloo High School.
Throughout high school I played tennis, basketball, and was a football cheerleader. I was involved
in many clubs as well. Staying active and working out is something very important to me so
normally I am a leggings and a sports bra girl, but don’t get me wrong I love to dress up and be full
glam. My plan for this fall is to attend Mizzou and I will be majoring in Political Science with a minor
in Criminology. Proceeding my four years there I plan to attend law school with the dreams of
becoming a criminal prosecutor.

I have worked with Dawn and Joe for about a year and a half now. When I first met them for my
top model interview I was a nervous wreck, partially because my mom one day said “Hey, I applied
for you to be a model at a photography company and you have an interview.” I had about no
confidence and was so nervous. For my first couple shoots with Dawn and Joe my confidence was
still low and trying to find who I was during the shoots was hard. Yet Jess still made me feel
gorgeous, and Dawn and Joe broke me out of my shell picture by picture. Since those shoots I’ve
lost 30 pounds so when I went in to go in for my wardrobe consultation for my senior shoot I was
beyond excited and ready to embrace my confidence. My advice to anyone skeptical for applying
to be a top model
, do it because it will be the best experience of your life.

Doing my senior pictures with DCCP made me feel like I was a queen. From the wardrobe
consolation, to the hair and makeup process, and then to the actual shoot everything was perfect.
Dawn and Joe found ways to get me out of my comfort zone. Who knew I was going to get in a one
piece swimsuit in front of oncoming traffic. I do not think I could even thank Dawn, Joe , and Jess
enough for all they did for me for my senior pictures. When I walked into view my final images I
was so excited. Then when my pictures popped up on the screen I was in shock. The girl in the
photos is the girl I worked so hard to become, and they captured every second of it.

“Kiley and I’s experience with DCCP has been nothing but perfect. I decided to apply for Kiley to
be a top model because as a mom you always see highly of your child’s potential. A big influence
of this is my coworker had her wedding shoot done by Dawn and Joe and the pictures were
gorgeous. At first I kind of felt bad for putting Kiley in a position she was nervous about, but
looking back on it I would not change a thing. Dawn and Joe helped so much with shaping her into
the confident young woman she is today. My favorite part of working with DCCP for a year and a
half is watching how much Kiley has changed as a person. Her personality has always been upfront
and out there, but when it came to her confidence it was not always there.” -Tammi (Kiley’s Mom)

“When I saw the photos of Kiley I couldn’t do anything but smile. As a mom when you see your child genuinely happy and confident in who they are, there is nothing more you could want. Dawn and Joe captured exactly
who Kiley is in her senior photos, and I could not have asked for anything more. My advice for
other parents is to let Dawn and Joe do their thing. They know exactly what they are doing, and
they are the professionals. Sit back, just watch, and let your child have fun with it. The end results
will be beautiful.” -Tammi (Kiley’s Mom)

June 25, 2021


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