Senior Olivia Winter | BTHS East

Q. Tell us all about your story. Who you are, high school experience, plans for your future.*

A. I am a 17 year senior at Belleville East High School. I have always been fascinated by mental health disorders and how they effect those with them in their everyday life. After i graduate Belleville east I plan on becoming a psychiatric nurse. I plan on going to SWIC for my first two years and after that I would love to go out west for school I haven’t decided on what college yet.

Q. Tell us all about your experience with DCCP. (Minimum 2 paragraphs, how you felt, favorite parts, how you felt when you saw your final images)*

A. My experience DCCP was amazing I loved everything from my hair and makeup to walking around the city feeling like a model. I felt so confident and happy because if that. When I saw the e d results they were more beautiful than I thought they would be.

Q. Now we would like to hear from a parent! Tell us about your experience with DCCP. (Minimum 2 paragraphs, favorite parts, how you decided to book with us, how you felt when you saw your child’s images, advice for other parents)*

A. Dawn was on a class list of photographers I could use for my first daughter’s senior pictures.. I had gone through quite a bit of the list without success at anyone calling me back.. She was the first one who did and we booked our session with her. She was fun, she was professional and has a great eye for what would look great. I was so pleased we how my first daughters photos looked it was hands down, no contest where I was taking my 2nd daughter for her senior pictures. Dawn will willingly go just about anywhere to capture the perfect photo. We started at Fairmont Park Racetrack and she did some photos of my daughter there with a friend’s horse and then we moved on to the city of St Louis and had the most amazing time! My daughter’s hair and makeup were on point and she looked like a model walking with her entourage on the STL streets. It was so fun for me to see her walk with so much confidence! When viewing day finally arrived I was absolutely floored at how amazingly beautiful the pictures turned out! Dawn Corwin is worth every penny. From hair and make-up, traveling and location, and final editing, she is brilliant!

December 2, 2021


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