Senior Natalie Seaman | BTHS West

Q. Tell us all about your story. Who you are, career, age if you would like to share, plans for your future.*

A. My name is Natalie Seaman! I’m 17 and my career plan is becoming a elementary art teacher. After SWIC I’m planning on attending SIUE.

Q. Tell us all about your experience with DCCP. (Minimum 2 paragraphs, how you felt, favorite parts, how you felt when you saw your final images etc.)*

A. My experience with DCCP was amazing! The people there are just so nice and make you feel so comfortable if you’ve never done anything like this before. One of my favorite parts was when I got my makeup and hair done by Jessica. I’ve never had my hair or makeup done by anyone else so I felt a little weird at first but then I got really comfortable and it felt great! Also when I was getting my pictures taken they made me feel so comfortable and just happy because how they were telling me how amazing they looked! When I saw them I was in shock, I never knew I could look that way… I looked so beautiful and just so omg I can’t even explain it! They turned out beautiful!! Thank you sooo much DCCP for letting me get my pictures done by y’all!!

Q. Advice for other people who are considering doing a shoot like yours:*

A. Just go with the flow! They will make you do things that you probably never have done before but your pictures will come out amazing trust me! Just relax too!! You will do fine!!!

December 1, 2021


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