Senior Carter Heintz | Freeburg High School

A high school senior boy smiling next to a window in a gray suit.
A high school senior boy looking down from a balcony inside a building with his head resting on his fist in a gray suit.

Q. Tell us all about your story. Who you are, high school experience, plans for your future.

A. My name is Carter Heintz, and I’m a senior at Freeburg High School in Freeburg, IL. I’m close with my family and spend most of my free time gaming or driving around town with my buddies. I’m happiest on the lake in the summers where you can find me boating or jet-skiing with my family and friends. I think I had an average high school experience. I plan to go to SWIC, so I can start learning the family business as soon as I can, then will transfer to Mizzou to finish my degree.

A high school senior boy laying down on cement bench outside with his hands up and tucked under his head with a black and floral graphic shirt on.
A high school senior boy sitting on a scaffolding looking down at the camera holding his hands resting his elbows on his knees wearing a pink shirt with a black jacket and jeans on.

Q. Tell us all about your experience with DCCP.

A. Dawn was pretty cool to work with and I was more comfortable than I thought I’d be. I had a nice experience taking pictures and it was fun walking around the city. My favorite part was taking pictures with my Jeep. I was impressed with the final product.

A high school senior boy sitting in a black Jeep Wrangler with sun glasses on with one hand on the wheel and the other on the glasses looking serious.

Q. Now we would like to hear from a parent! Tell us about your experience with DCCP.

A. Dawn was awesome! I couldn’t believe how beautiful the city looked in her pictures and she really captured my son’s personality and his good looks. These pictures were cool and modern, and that’s the reason I chose Dawn as our photographer and she did not disappoint! My husband and I were there for the shoot and it was fun watching Dawn and Joe in action. They really make a great team and it shows in Carter’s pictures. We were amazed when we saw how good the pictures turned out. We were also moved by these images of our strong and promising son of whom we are so very proud. Thank you Dawn! (Maria – Carter’s Mom)

August 24, 2021


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